Sunday, 12 August 2012

Stark Naked Truth

Zan the Leica Man

 Zan was a volunteer in the Israeli War of Independence and has many stories to tell. He bought a Leica IIIb in Israel in the Forties and took many photographs with it. Roughly about twelve years ago he advertised it in the local newspaper and I purchased the camera. Recently whilst collecting some Black and White film from the Post Office Zan was in the queue in front of me. At eighty six years of age he has an amazing memory and he shared some intriguing events that had recently occurred in his family. We had a great chat and before we knew we were at the counter and I had some film to stockpile.

Zan's original Leica IIIb and 5cm f3,5 Elmar with Kodak Tmax100 and Perceptol 1+3
Some time later I phoned Zan and asked him whether he would mind if I took some photographs of him with his original seventy year old Leica and he kindly obliged. After downloading an online manual I was pleasantly surprised to see everything working as it once did. Zan still plays bowls and we agreed to meet at the bowling green one afternoon. With such an opportunity I took along some other cameras and Zan was very patient while I hurriedly switched while the light faded. Thanks Zan and what an inspiration you are!

Rolleiflex 3,5f with Kodak TMY2 400 and PMK Pyro
Mamiya 7 and 65mm lens with Fuji Acros and PMK Pyro

 Mamiya RZ and 140mm lens with Kodak Tmy2 400 and developed in PMK Pyro